Praise for Safe House

Safe House US Version

USA Edition. Publisher: St Martin’s Press.

The no.1 Kindle UK Bestseller!

A Spectator Book of the Year 2012!

Selected as an iBookstore Book of the Week for August 2012!

Set on the Isle of Man, this beautifully plotted thriller from Ewan offers as many twists and turns as motorcycle enthusiast Rob Hale encounters during the British dependency’s annual TT (Tourist Trophy) time-trial races… Ewan’s carefully placed clues will elicit several “aha” moments from readers as his heroes battle toward understanding and resolution. Starred review, Pick of the Week! US Publishers Weekly.

Clever nail-biter that reveals the Isle of Man to be a Heart of Darkness. Selected as one the Telegraph’s top 10 crime books to take on holiday.

Proceeding at warp speed with plenty of twists and excellent use of its setting, Safe House is a terrific holiday read. The Guardian

Ewan keeps the twists coming . . . Rob and Rebecca are engaging company during this ride-by-the-seat-of-your-pants novel. Independent on Sunday

Safe House by Chris Ewan is set on an Isle of Man as you never imagined it and has one of the best new heroines for a long time … popular fiction at its best. Spectator Books of the Year 2012

Both an emotional story of a family dealing with a tragedy and an action-packed tale of a young man caught up in an elaborate kidnapping. Sun Sentinel

Ewan exerts an admirable discipline for keeping clarity at bay without letting the mystery get too oblique or the plot too outrageous. It helps that Ewan resists turning “Safe House’’ into a sprawling save-the-world spy epic. What we have instead is a nice, tightly focused story about love and corruption, about rural character versus big-city arrogance, and a rollicking adventure scaled down for your above-average plumber. Boston Globe

After reading only a few pages, you’ll know you’re in for a good, well-written story in Ewan’s stand-alone. A departure from his Good Thief’s Guide series, this is more threatening and suspensful. Ewan is as comfortable and adept with this new style as he is with the lighter, comic style of his series. **** RT Book Reviews

A sophisticated reboot of the classic everyman thriller, which takes in high-level government conspiracies, rogue agents and international terrorism… Due to the Manx setting it’s impossible to read Safe House without thinking of the TT event and Ewan has distilled the spirit of the race into a breakneck thrill-ride of a book, all unpredictable twists and wicked turns. It takes a skilled writer to keep a plot of this complexity on the rails and Ewan’s handling is impeccable. Safe House is a bona fide must-read. Crime Fiction Lover

With his debut everyman novel Ewan has ticked all the boxes and created a barnstorming tale of mystery and intrigue… In my opinion this thriller is every bit as good as any Linwood Barclay. I never thought I’d say this, but if this is what Ewan can do as a standalone then I don’t want him to write anymore “Good Thief’s” books! CrimeSquad

Classy writing and bone-jarring twists in this standout thriller… If you could judge this book like a knife, by the way it sat in your hand, you’d feel the quality at once. Finely made, perfectly balanced and razor sharp: you won’t want to put it down. Mean Streets

I enjoyed it immensely and once I started it couldn’t put it down which is always a good sign. I hope he writes many more stories of this high quality and I’ll look out for them. Well recommended. Eurocrime

An exciting start, to what promises to be an excellent addition to the genre of thriller reads, Ewan has with Safe House created a fast-paced, excellently written, and superbly plotted novel. With characters which burst off the page from the start, and a new setting in the Isle of Man which I cannot wait to see explored further. Guilty Conscience

There are times when what you want is motorbikes, assassins and a chick with a “terrific silhouette” who can pack a rod. Say hello to Chris Ewan’s SAFE HOUSE, a kind of Dick Francis auctioneer crossed with a Francis Durbridge mystery … Ewan’s plotting is satisfyingly torsional. The Word

The pace is heady: new information and revelations arrive in an avalanche but are never confusing. A credibly intricate plot. The List

SAFE HOUSE is a thriller that will pull you in and engage your inference skills.  It’s a ‘dark’ read that exposes the abuse of power and the devastating effects that obsession can have on a life. Jera’s Jamboree

Remember Dick Francis at his best? The simple yet ingenious plots? The finely drawn cast of characters? The self-possessed, uncompromising hero, typically skillful (usually on horseback) but otherwise a perfectly ordinary Joe? The adorable dog? The cake ingredients are all there in Chris Ewan’s new book, Safe House, but Ewan has added a sprinkling of edible gold dust and elevated the everyman thriller into a compelling, contemporary read… No one is quite who they seem in this cleverly plotted, continually surprising thriller and we are constantly re-typing the labels we’ve attached to characters… Safe House is an exciting, well crafted thriller, with flashes of real humour and insight. Ewan writes exceptionally well, especially in the first person.  SJ Bolton

Action, pace and a superb Manx setting make Safe House a sure-fire winner. Martin Edwards

Chris Ewan starts in top gear and doesn’t take his hand off the throttle – he takes us on a terrifying ride through the Isle of Man every bit as hair raising, spine tingling and down right thrilling as the TT itself. This is a taut, turbo-charged thriller,  a cracking debut full of twists, turns and adrenaline pumping action. Just when you think you know where you are Chris throws you off course time and again.  And the bad news is – you don’t get a seatbelt! Rob Hale is no stranger to danger, speed is in his blood, he was born to race, he was born to win. The only difference is – this time he is racing for his very life, he doesn’t know who to trust, he doesn’t know where to turn –  and he is way, way out of time! Mark Pearson

A modern twist on the classic old-fashioned British thriller with a compelling narrative as pacy as the TT itself. Caro Ramsay

An exhilarating cocktail of pace, suspense and intelligence, mixed by a storyteller of great skill. Michael Ridpath

A high-revving tale of trust, betrayal and double-dealing. Zoë Sharp

Safe House comes screaming out of the gate and doesn’t let go. Ewan expertly propels the story through hairpin turns and sudden curveballs. Family secrets, amnesia and betrayal – it’s all here in spades as the story rushes towards a breathless and satisfying conclusion. Stav Sherez

Chris Ewan soars to a new level with this dark, absorbing thriller. It combines a tense emotional switchback with an expertly controlled narrative and characters you care about. Chris Ewan is an author to watch – and enjoy. Andrew Taylor

Safe House is a highly original, deftly written thriller – it’s where you never want to find yourself, a near-surreal descent into brutal mayhem as an ordinary life unravels. And Rebecca Lewis is a new heroine for our times – she’s armed and dangerous, full of chutzpah and with the guts of a marine. Anne Zouroudi