Reviews of Long Time Lost

The Independent

“A masterful thriller with a tense climax.”

Sunday Express

"Gripping entertainment"

Crime Scene Magazine

"[LONG TIME LOST is a] tightly plotted kick-ass thriller that brings with it a sensitive subtext centred on the theme of family"

Literary Review

“The plot of this book takes the form of a fiendishly complicated square dance covering the whole of Europe… LONG TIME LOST is an exciting story… and most instructive about the art of changing faces and the tiny details that give us all away.”

Saga Magazine

“This is strong, salty and heart-thumping stuff.”

Raven Crime Reads

“From its suspenseful opening to a beautifully weighted unfolding of a dark and dangerous tale, this book totally justifies the label of ‘unputdownable’ … thrilling, unpredictable and engrossing.”

The Crime Warp

“A fantastic portrayal of a father who's lost everything and is prepared to do anything … a dynamic, fast paced read… Highly recommended.”

Northern Crime

“A ‘must read’ ... LONG TIME LOST has everything you could possibly want in a thriller. Everything! ... Chris Ewan totally hits the spot with this one.”

Liz Loves Books

“LONG TIME LOST is not only a banging thriller but a thrilling thriller to boot AND beautifully written ... this is thriller writing right at the top of the game. Enticing plotting, well built and authentic characters, believable emotive events ... Intelligent, thought provoking story telling with a sharp authentic edge, most of all brilliant writing that digs deep.”

Book Oxygen

“Chris Ewan uses the chase thriller to take us on a breakneck ride across Europe in the company of his attractive Nick Miller, who runs a business hiding clients and their assets from those intending to do them harm… This is thoroughly agreeable escapist fiction.”

Crime Thriller Girl

“Rapid paced, and packed with tension, twists and turns, this is a must read for thriller fans.”

Trip Fiction

“An exciting race through Europe … thrilling. Perfect for a holiday, long flight, or if you just want to escape into a great book. Overall a great, and exciting thriller.”

Crime Fiction Lover

“[LONG TIME LOST] takes us for an action-packed and often bone-crunching jaunt across Europe.”