Reviews of The Good Thief’s Guide to Vegas

Megan Abbott, Edgar Award winning author

“With a nimble touch and effortless charm, THE GOOD THIEF’ GUIDE TO VEGAS, the latest gem in Chris Ewan’s sparkling series, carries us along on an utterly irresistible sin-city caper filled with high-stakes gambling, cunning stagecraft and a dizzying series of twists Ewan pulls off with the skills of a master illusionist.”


“Chris Ewan [is] at the vanguard of a new wave of young writers kicking against the cliches and producing ambitious,challenging, genre-bending works [and] adding some wit and balls to [the] genre.”

Anne Zouroudi, author of The Mysteries of The Greek Detective

“In Charlie Howard, Chris Ewan has created one of contemporary fiction’s most unlikely yet likeable heroes – a razor-sharp Raffles for the 21st century, whose easy expertise in the dubious arts of breaking and entering intrigues as much as it entertains.  Wacky, witty and above all great fun, THE GOOD THIEF’ GUIDE TO VEGAS moves at a blistering pace through the sleazy backrooms of Las Vegas’s casinos, and  – with more plot twists than a corkscrew – delivers a satisfying but unexpected denoument, and happily leaves the door open to Charlie’s next adventure.”


“Ewan, whose earlier Good Thief guides have visited Paris and Amsterdam, continues on his merry way… The comic caper novel isn’t exactly new (Donald Westlake was doing them 40 years ago, and he didn’t invent them either), but Ewan, through a combination of engaging characterizations, suspenseful stories, and sharp writing, makes the Good Thief novels feel fresh and exciting. The comparison to Lawrence Block’s Bernie Rhondenbarr series, also full of comedy and also starring a good-hearted thief, is entirely appropriate, though Ewan is no mere Block imitator. This novel will definitely appeal to fans of comic mysteries and caper novels.” 

Top Pick! Gold Medal, RT Book Reviews

“This is the third installment of Ewan’s clever and thoroughly entertaining Good Thief series.  It’s a classic caper narrative with a touch of noir, an irresistibly cheeky and likeable hero, magic, roulette and something called a “juice list”—which does not involve fruit.  Ewan masterfully merges the comic with the thrilling in this fresh, captivating book.”


“The writing style is smooth and funny, the pitfalls are great and the solutions ingenious, and the character is certainly likable enough to keep you entertained and looking for more books in the series. A fun read.”


“Written entirely in the first person, this book charms from the outset using Ewan’s tinder dry wit, strong characters and a tight plot … and the plotting is intricate enough to astound the reader when the killer’s identity is revealed. The prose is perfect for the style of writing and the oftentimes jaded and droll thoughts shared by Charlie had me laughing aloud at some points. This is not an easy trick to pull off, yet Ewan manages it with aplomb, finely balancing humour, violent scenes and plot related information.”

 I Love A Mystery Newsletter

“What a brilliant idea for a series… The dialogue is snappy, the plot is well thought out, with many surprising twists, and constant humour, which never dilutes the serious business of crime… I shall look forward to regular tours ’round the world in Charlie Howard’s company. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” 

Crimespree Magazine

“The Good Thief’s Guide to Vegas is crazy fun. Chris Ewan tells a highly entertaining tale of an amateur magician who is a crime writer/thief on a trip to Vegas. Events get out of control, as they often do in Vegas, and Charlie Howard is accused of something he didn’t do. We know because he was busy doing something else illegal. When the tough guys want money back he doesn’t have it gets really fun.”

Donna Moore, author of Old Dogs

“This series just gets better and better with each book. It’s funny, entertaining, exceedingly well-plotted and full of fascinating atmosphere. Charlie is a great character – Raffles meets Cary Grant meets The Saint meets Raymond Chandler.”

Scott Pack, Me and My Big Mouth

“For my money this is one of the most fun and enjoyable crime series around. I have no idea why it isn’t huge. It should be.”


“Sharp characterizations, snappy repartee and good plotting carry the day.”

Publishers Weekly

“Fans of light comic capers will be rewarded.” 

Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover

“I love these books – they are great fun and are witty with cracking and amusing dialogue… Chris Ewan is just naturally funny and I find this series sparkling and engaging with a pacy narrative which takes the reader along for a great ride.”